Salvioni pro cosmetics

Age-defying in homage to the beauty of Montalcino

The Salvioni 1905 cosmetic line was created in the historical pharmacy in the same laboratories where, around the mid-1800s, Clemente Santi created Brunello di Montalcino wine in an attempt to make wine last longer. Uniting our experience to the quest for the best ingredients, we wanted to create professional cosmetics for the beauty of all women who desire to take care of themselves by contrasting the signs of time.

Our clients are people who are informed, who strive for a healthy lifestyle, whose choices are inspired by nature, who trust us with their wellbeing on a daily basis. For them, we created the Salvioni 1905 cosmetic line for them and for all women who want to contrast signs of ageing fearlessly with high-quality products. Because Beauty and Health and Wellbeing have been our speciality since 1905.

Farmacia Salvioni
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specialists since 1905

Facial Cream

Professional beauty cream

The line of SALVIONI 1905 professional facial creams was created to effectively contrast the main processes of ageing, which result in skin dryness, loss of elasticity and tone, blemishes and ageing spots


Concentrated Serums

Concentrated serums for the health of your skin

The line of SALVIONI 1905 concentrated facial and eye serums work directly on the health of your skin, deeply contrasting the main signs of ageing that result in impurities


Eau de parfum

Evocative fragrances and ancient aromas

The SALVIONI 1905 line of fragrances was created by a very simple and, at the same time, very ambitious idea: to create a line of fragrances that exalt the beauty of the territory where we have been working as pharmacists since 1905: Montalcino

Salvioni 1905 Cosmetics do not contain oil, mineral oils, paraben, nanomaterial, aluminum sulfate, heavy metals, petroleum, silicon, sulfates, gluten, or animal derivatives.
Farmacia Salvioni Montalcino
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